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Warsheep - New Games!

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The current version of new maps for Warsheep is 74.3b.
The file contains a simple installer that adds new maps to your Warsheep folder. The same installer also can be used for removing these new maps.
After installing the new maps, you have also the possibility of playing Warsheep off-line for traning purposes.
(1.28 MB)
(last review 8/12/2008)

Here you can try playing the most current version off-line.


The idea of new maps for the Warsheep game arose during the traditional New Year Teepee expedition in 2005–06. Fights over the Master of Warsheep title had been going on for more than a year when the idea for new terrain that could satisfy our high skill level was just starting to take shape. Unfurtunately we noticed that outside coders for hire, who would be able to create such a map and implant it into the current sheep system, cost more than our fishing association budget can support. So, after several attempts and failures, this challenge was personally accepted by the chronicler of the association. One lazy afternoon he finally broke Warsheep down into parts and roughly grasped the principles of the game. The resultant process of creating and implanting a new map into Warsheep moved slowly but inexorably toward its goal. The whole project was kept secret from other members of our association because they have their birthday around the same time and since this time was just approaching, the chronicler decided the new map would be a nice surprise.

On February 17th, in cooperation with a secret emissary, the chronicler delivered the result of his work at the birthday party of Soukromnik and Saman, along with a letter that illustrated the importance of the situation. In that moment a New Era of Warsheep began. Doors were opened and nothing more stood in the way of fantasy and unfettered creativity of new Warsheep maps.

Two Bridges

The first new map, situated in an abandoned region of Southern Bohemia, was created by the chronicler as a presentation of the New Era of Warsheep for other members of our association. While working on this map the chronicler noticed that painting the background was a bigger challenge than recoding Warsheep. For a man with little artistic talent, painting a goodlooking scene can be a little problem.

This map was released at the birthday party of Soukromnik and Saman. But because honored guests under the influence of the celebration promptly lost it, its real release came after its retrieval several days later.

Hell in a park

Saman achieved his long announced idea for a second map with colored pencils borrowed from his son Matej. The adjective that could best describe this map is „devils“. For the first time in the history of Warsheep, a player can’t guess for a long time how he will finish. In previous maps, each mistake in shooting or in strategy meant a loss in principle. No one could hope that the opponent (meaning a member of RSS) would make a mistake as well. But in Saman’s map „Hell in a Park,“ everything is a little different. The level of difficulty put on a player is extreme, which means that the game can be won after only a few mistakes, because the opponent’s score is often as bad or worse. The necessity to shoot blindly or the dilemma with picking medical kits make this map very unusual and pleasantly hard to play. Luck also plays its role, but it always did.

Damn Friday of 13.

Soukromnik’s old idea of a new element which cannot be shot through by a tank or a RPG is now introduced. This map is situated in a lonesome part of east-china desert. Enjoy.

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